Product specification

This trowel machine is powered by Honda GX35 4-stroke engine and controlled by extension rod up to 6 m from outside fresh concrete. Due to light weight, it is recommended used as early as possible within 30 minutes after bleed-water disappears.

The characteristic are listed below:

1.       Overall dimension:     780mm X 780mm X 415mm

2.       Weight:                      14 Kg

3.       Trowel speed:            25 rpm to 70 rpm

The blades on the machine are in fixed angle. By applying different weight on it would change the pressure point to cope with different stages of concrete. With patent attached blades, this machine can be used for stencil, stamp such concrete colouring and provide unified coarse surface finish.

Different attached blades are showed on the right. 2mm thick rigid trowel blade (middle and patented) can provide a coarse finish and prevent under cut along the curve. 0.5mm thick flexible blade(below) can increase contact area to break concrete in very early stage.

Finished Texture

  Machine Attachment