The timing on the concrete finish is critical, especially on this light weight (the machine could NOT break the hard concrete).

  • Use it as early as possible
  • Use it as slow as possible
  • On the slope surface, it is recommended to use it on the top or the bottom to let the extension rob support the unbalance weight
  • The machine has bouncing action on the uneven surface. Use 2mm thick blades or weights to absorb the vibration.
  • Using forward and backward action instead of side action (what traditional trowel machine is).

Blades chosen

  • Original blades on the machine can provide steel trowel finish
  • 0.5 mm thick flexible blade can provide very fine coarse finish and “break” the concrete very early – better flatness
  • 2 mm thick rigid blade can provide from rough to fine coarse finish depending on the hardness of concrete. It is recommended to “break” the concrete with it.

It is recommended to use weights with original blades or flexible blades to reduce bouncing action and absorb the vibration.