This concrete tool has provided advantages on the concrete finish:

  •  1. Saving labor, time, money $$$$

Machinery can increase productivity. Save about 1 – 2 hours for each slab according to the user.

  • 2. Better quality on the concrete finish

To “break” concrete early as soon as “breed” water disappeared, this would result in flatter surface and better finish.

  • 3.      Low maintenance

Self-lubricated sealed gear-box and fixed angle blade are NOT required for regular maintenances.

  • 4.      Mobilizing

One person can easily handle it.

  • 5.      Curve or slope surface

Four individual flexible blades are supported by rigid blades (patented) can prevent under cut and flatten the bump and hump along the designated (screed) surface. Let the rod support unbalanced weight.

  • 6.      Less training required for worker

The blades are not required to adjust according to the consolidation of concrete. Person with little training can operate the machine.

  • 7.      Color concrete and stencil

Using the machine to replace hand labor to rub the color hardener into the concrete, can create a better surface on the flatness and hardness.